Jazz w. the Nick Arseneau Sextet, Friday May 10

Friday May 10, 2019 at 8:00 pm, $10. Jazz with the Nick Arseneau Sextet: Nick Arseneau compositions and upright & electric bass, Marie Goudy trumpet, John Nicholson tenor sax, Patrick O’Reilly guitar and effects, Josh Smiley piano, and Harry Vetro drums.
The Nick Arseneau Sextet takes a unified, organic approach to modern jazz. Playing Nick’s original compositions, the group strives to create one voice, rather than playing as a group of divided individuals. When this is accomplished, the improvisational elements of listening and interacting come through strong and clear. Nick’s compositions range from straight-ahead jazz to free jazz, often incorporating elements of punk rock, math rock, and hip hop. Based in Toronto, the group gigs regularly at local clubs. The Sextet is scheduled to release their first full-length recording in Fall 2019.  https://nickarseneau.bandcamp.com

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