Fringe BYOV Artword Artbar: The Man in the Vault

July 19 to 28, 2018. Part of the Hamilton Fringe Theatre Festival.
The Man in the Vault
(Artword Theatre).
Performed by Mariam Bekhet, Jordan Campbell, Jason Thompson
Written and directed by Ronald Weihs
Produced and designed by Judith Sandiford
A Russian spy defects with information about Lee Harvey Oswald and the Kennedy assassination. James Angleton, the CIA’s legendary head of counterintelligence, is convinced he is a disinformation agent sent by the KGB. The defector is kept in a concrete vault in a secret location while interrogators try to extract the truth from the man in the vault. Based on true events in the 1960s that resonate with today’s headlines.
Drama, All Ages, Running Time: 60 minutes
Tickets: $10 (Fringe Backer Button required)

Show Times: Thursday, July 19 @ 9pm, Friday, July 20 @ 4:30pm
Saturday, July 21 @ 7pm, Sunday, July 22 @ 8pm
Tuesday, July 24 @ 9pm, Wednesday, July 25 @ 7pm
Thursday, July 26 @ 9pm, Friday, July 27 @ 5pm
Saturday, July 28 @ 6pm  (Final show)

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