DANCE: Once I Lived in the Box, by Learie McNicolls, Feb 3, 4 & 5, 2016

Learie_Box_poster2Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, February 3, 4 & 5, 2016, at 8 pm, $15. BUY_tix_buttonBook online
Artword Theatre presents three performances of a new full-length dance work Once I Lived in the Box by choreographer Learie Mc Nicolls, for Black History Month. Performed by dancers Angelo Del Franco, Sharon Harvey, Tanis Macarthur and Learie Mc Nicolls with music by Edgardo Moreno.

Once I lived in the box/ hated the box/ loved the box/ respected the box/ got angry at the box /
raged at the box /
the box was shiny/ the box was misery/
the school of hard knocks/ pulled up mah socks

Learie Mc Nicolls has been a key figure in the contemporary dance scene in Toronto since the 1980s. He has danced with Toronto Dance Theatre, Desrosiers Dance Theatre, Dancemakers, the National Ballet of Cuba, and his own company, Mythmakers. As a solo dancer, he has been exploring the combination of dance with spoken word, to create a powerful new form of theatrical presentation. His Toronto production, Armour, took two Dora awards for Outstanding Choreography and Outstanding Performance.
A year and a half ago, he moved to Hamilton, where he is devoting himself to help build the contemporary dance scene here. In May, 2014, he performed Resurrection at the Pearl Company, and choreographed the dances in Artword Theatre’s second production of James Street. He has created an ongoing series of showcase dance productions at Artword Artbar called Big Dance Little Stage, featuring dancers from Hamilton and Toronto over two nights. He has recently opened a dance rehearsal studio downstairs at Artword Artbar.

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