THEATRE: Artword Theatre, Stuart Laughton’s Trumpet Romance, July 17 to 27

Hamilton_Fringe_BLK Logo_smArtwordTheatre_Trumpet_Romance_flyerwebB600July 17 to 27, 2014. Artword Theatre presents Stuart Laughton’s “Trumpet Romance: a wild journey in search of music, Hamilton Fringe Theatre Festival, at our Bring-Your-Own-Venue: Artword Artbar, 15 Colbourne St
Trumpet Romance: a wild journey in search of music is written and performed byStuart_Laughton_0270_c680 Stuart Laughton with an array of musical instruments including trumpet, guitar, harmonica, piano. The show is directed by Ronald Weihs, who also did the script development, and produced by Artword Theatre.  Stuart Laughton picked up a trumpet when he was nine, and it was love at first breath. He began a stellar classical career: Canadian Brass at age 19 and La Scala orchestra at 23. But the siren call of B.B. King’s guitar took him on a wild musical journey, playing roots music in Porkbelly Futures, until it all came together by a lake in Haliburton in R. Murray Schafer’s And Wolf Shall Inherit the Moon.  For more about Stuart Laughton:
The show runs 60 minutes and is suitable for an all-ages general audience.
Thu July 17 8:00 pm (Opening), Sat July 19 7:00 pm, Sun July 20 4:00 pm, Tues July 22 8:00 pm,
Wed July 23 7:00 pm, Fri July 25 7:00 pm, Sat July 26 9:00 pm, Sun July 27 6:00 pm (final show)

Click here to download the Trumpet Romance press release:

Stuart Laughton, “Trumpet Romance”, photo gallery:

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