Folk-roots concert: String Bone + Allison Brown, Friday June 1

Stringbone.jpgFriday June 1, 2012, at 8 pm, $10. Two solo sets by two folk-roots musicians on the road! String Bone (also known as Barry James Payne) is a great songwriter and tells a great story in a song, folk/roots Americana style. A mix of folk, blues, country, bluegrass, hillbilly and even other contemporary and traditional elements harder to define. String Bone’s song, ‘Killing Town’, made it onto Neil Young’s ‘Living With War Today’ campaign. Payne has been playing and writing since the early ’80’s and released his debut CD ‘nadir’ in 2009. ‘nadir’ was labeled “truly a masterpiece” by Music Star in Germany where String Bone toured after its release. Payne introduces his intimate songs with often comical and touching stories. He paints portraits with his words. Payne changes the colour of his pallet from emotional folk and country ballads to uptempo and bluesy, smoky, jazzy grooves.
AllisonBrownHCFFc.jpgRoots songstress Allison Brown, back our way again, likes her religion a little bit gritty, takes her country music with a side of syrup and keeps her folk as dusty as the ol’ cabin floor. Allison’s crafted originals matched with classic roots repertoire reflect the striking conviction she brings to her sweet and powerful singing. Allison Brown

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