Behind the Kiln #12, dance/music/video, “ghOulish and dreAry”, Thurs Oct 13

September Kiln017smc.jpgThursday October 13 at 8 pm pwyc. Behind the Kiln #12. Always thrilling and unpredictable, our  evenings of real-time collaborations between dancers, musicians and visual artists, are a treat. Organized by dancer-choreographer Tanis MacArthur and video-jammer Judith Sandiford. [Image left Sept 15: duet Tanis MacArthur, Rose Gowling, plus live web-cam (photo Anne Milne)]
Movers and sounders for our “ghOulish and dreAry” Oct 13 include: Victoria Slager, Anne Milne, Jennifer Lockman, Tom Shea. Orange McFarland, Tanis MacArthur, Liz Bates, Ron Weihs, Judith Sandiford.

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