Artword Theatre: The Man in the Vault, Wed-Thur Apr 12-13

Wednesday April 12 and Thursday April 13, 2017, at 8 pm, pwyc/$10. Artword Theatre presents The Man in the Vault by Ronald Weihs. Based on actual events, the play explores how a CIA counter-intelligence scandal in the 1960s telescopes into the present. What is the truth? How do you know if you have found it? A staged reading performed by Val Kay, Tom Dusome, Sean Emberley and Learie Mc Nicolls.
This is the third in a series of monthly theatre projects in the works, with Artistic Director Ronald Weihs. The February edition (#1) was Langston Hughes vs Joe McCarthy, a reading based on testimony from the interrogation in 1953 interspersed with some of his poems. The March edition (#2) was Mind Wars: a theatre exploration about the 1960s, when politics became a struggle over reality and perception, with readings from actual testimony and interviews of the Yippies, Black Activists, the CIA, the FBI.
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