THEATRE: play-readings for The Future is Female Festival, Wed Mar 22

Wednesday March 22, 2017, at 7:30. Hamilton’s Make Art Theatre presents an evening of three play-readings as part of The Future is Female Festival. The plays featured are:
** How to Date a Politically-Correct Feminist (Or, the Compassion Experiment) by Emma Harr
** Press  by Alice Stanley Jr.
** Low & Away by Demetra Kareman
Readers: Cadance Allen, Liz Buchanan, Sean Emberley, Carlos Jimenez, Kenneth Johnson, Tina Kocic, Amy Noelle Milligan, and Amber Wood

The Future is Female Festival is a festival of readings of short plays by women of all backgrounds on the subject “the future is female” and what that means to them. The festival is happening across North America throughout the month of March. It is an expression of the hope that the future will hold equality for all and a celebration of women in theatre.

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