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Artword Theatre was created by Ronald Weihs and Judith Sandiford. In 1998, with the assistance of our landlord, Abrar Galani, we converted a clothing factory at 75 Portland Street into the elegant and versatile arts facility we occupied until 2006.



From 1993 to 1998, Artword had a nifty little 50-seat theatre on the second floor of an industrial building at 81 Portland Street. We did some wonderful things there, before our big move.
Our Main Stage has 150 comfortable seats and a sprung stage. A second space, called the Artword Alternative (60 seats), is for more experimental productions. The Artword
Gallery, which hosts art shows curated by Judith Sandiford, functions as the lobby for the two theatres. People find Artword warm, friendly and attractive.
To December 2001, Artword Theatre presented:
26 theatre productions, including
8 Artword productions
11 dance programs

9 music/concert productions
7 chamber concerts (Amati Quartet Series)
27 new music concerts (Eugene's Series)
4 Festivals
8 play peadings (Actors Repertory Company)
2 film events
1 puppet show
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Artword Theatre, 75 Portland Street, Toronto ON M5V 2M9
Ronald Weihs, Artistic Director • Judith Sandiford, Managing Director
Tel: 416-408-1146 • email: artword(at)artword(dot)net