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Tongue Fu and their video “James Street North”

September 11th, 2014

Video published August 28, 2014: This video is fantastic. Thanks Lou! The wonderful Lou Molinaro of This Ain’t Hollywood tips the hat to a lot of folks in the ‘hood, including us at Artword Artbar. Unfortunately we were out of town for the video shoot, so we missed our big chance to be in a rock video. Love our beat-cop Gary!

Here’s their intro from YouTube:Tongue Fu are a Rock N Roll 6-pack from Hamilton Ontario Canada. The band consists of Gord Lewis, Rob Sweeney, Dave Elley, Gene Champagne, Greg Brisco & Lou Molinaro. James Street North is dedicated to a neighbourhood that we love in our fine city of Hamilton Ontario. Melissa Marchese was our muse as we followed her along. The video also includes some of the terrific Hamilton folks who are making our neighbourhood a cool vibrant place! Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to JAMES STREET NORTH!!” For the lyrics … JAMES STREET NORTH!!! (4 times)

A Mulberry coffee on James Street North
Officer Gary standing on the corner
“I’ll see you at the show later on
I need two more tickets are they all gone?
& by the way, Happy Birthday Lou”
The Blues Explosion with Tongue Fu!

Just Another Day on James Street North!

Kenny just booked another show
Downtown sound, Rockin’ Rio
Martin’s with Ric down at the “Saint”
couple of “Venoms” then he paints
Art, the new steel after all
Two more nights before Supercrawl!!

Just Another Day On James Street North (two times)

Blackbird dressing the window
Molly taking another order
Hammer City blasting the Punk Rock
Engine Empire rocking the roof top!
All this fun everyday, will drive you crazy!
Just another day on James Street North!


Tiny Bill Cody walking the dog
Ron & Judith at The Artbar
Dave chains his bike and opens the door
The Hamilton Kid walks into his store
I want to sit and chat and tell you more
But Rocky’s at the Brain, I have to meet him at 4!

Just Another Day On James Street North! (3 times)


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