ART CRAWL: special opener Damon Hankoff, accordionist, Fri July 11, 7 pm

Damon_Hankoff_cFriday July 11, from 7 to 8 pm, tip jar, a special Art Crawl opener. Accordionist and NY subway busker Damon Hankoff with a sample of his project Out of Sight of Land (brought to you at Artword Artbar by Annie Shaw).
Out of Sight of Land is the musical project of Damon Hankoff, a multifarious sideman and fledgling songwriter. Mr. Hankoff is a New Yorker by birth and by youth and is currently based out of Quebec City and Montreal. But actually most of the songs in question were written during a long sojourn in the Near East and subsequently honed in the cacophonic corridors of the NYC subway system. Among the topics Out of Sight of Land addresses are longing, the end of the world, and the salt, salt, sea. Musical influences include ancient masters (Palestrina, Gesualdo) and the New Weird America. Out of Sight of Land is on tour this October, after releasing a first album in June.

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