Folk-Irish-bluegrass-jazz-Klez-fusion: The Bombadils + Kate & Rich + Richard Garvey, Wed May 14

BombadilsRichard_Garvey_enWednesday May 14, 2014, at 8 pm, $10. Two wonderful bands, playing wacky and lovely music. The Bombadils, a band of four inspired by Irish, bluegrass and folk sources, on tour from Montreal, AND on tour from Halifax, Kate & Rich, accordion clarinet jazz-klez duo. AND our favourite folkie from KW, Richard Garvey, kicks off the evening.
Anh Phung on flute, whistles, harmonica and flute, Sarah Frank on fiddle, banjo and vocals, Luke Fraser on guitar, mandolin, and vocals, Alan MackieKate&Rich on upright bass and vocals.
“The Bombadils from Montréal, Québec captured my attention with their energetic playing, catchy melodies and interesting combination of styles. From classical, jazz, bluegrass and celtic; the mix will keep listeners engaged.”
Kate Romain and Richard Driedger present a jazzy blend of American Folk and Balkan classics.
And Richard Garvey:

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