Kyle Pacey, guitar virtuoso, Thursday June 6

kyle_pacey.jpgThursday June 6 at 8 pm, $10.00. Grammy-nominated guitarist and singer Kyle Pacey presents an evening of original music, an eclectic mix of soul, roots, funk and R & B. Ever since we were blown away by Kyle’s playing with Edgar Breau in February we’ve been working on getting him back at Artword Artbar. A musical force, Kyle Pacey has been described as Canada’s answer to the Buena Vista Social Club. Pacey’s combination of rhythm and technique are exhilarating. He likes to push the boundaries with his unorthodox style and unique approach to the guitar. www.kylepacey.comKyle’s songwriting influences are varied. “I am inspired by the optimism and culture of the 1960s and 70s along with current events, personal upheavals, metaphysics… and more.” Joe Curtis, To-nite Magazine writes: “I was totally mesmerized by guitarist, Kyle Pacey’s playing technique… Kyle is the fastest, most superb guitar virtuoso I’ve ever seen. I always daydreamed that if Superboy played guitar, his hand on the neck would be a blur. This feat of musical ability was achieved by Kyle… and no foolin’ his left hand on the neck became a blur.”

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