Singer-songwriter Andrew Laviolette, Tues June 4 at 7:30 pm

AndrewLaviolette_posterc.jpgTuesday, June 4 at 7:30 pm, cover $10. A special concert by songwriter Andrew Laviolette, on tour with his new self-titled album, and his trademark road-weary songwriting, tight finger picking and engaging storytelling. It has been 3 years (and hundreds of live performances) since Laviolette released his breakthrough album This Far From Home an album that he’s tirelessly toured from Halifax N.S to Dawson City Y.T since. The current tour  marks an exciting new chapter for this emerging independent Canadian songwriter.  “This Far From Home allowed me opportunities to discover the many beautiful places, people and communities Canada has to offer,” says Laviolette. “That album has taken me to places I would never have visited, let alone performed in, had it not have been for my music. I can’t wait to see where this album leads me.” These semi-acoustic, “stories from my suitcase” events promise genuine song-craft and zealous performances to venues large and small, grand or humble. “This tour is built around my tireless commitment to wanderlust songwriting”, Laviolette says. “I’ll be performing songs, new and old, from the road, on the road, all the while chasing new melodies for songs to come”.


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