NEW CONCERT: Tribal Gallery presents The Gypsy Rebels, Sat May 26

Tribal_Gallery_logo_2012a650.jpg “Experience World Music!” The Tribal Gallery Presents concert series.
gypsy_rebels_MichealTButch_c.jpgNEW CONCERT CHANGE: Saturday May 26 at 8 pm.  Tickets $15, call 905-385-1829. The Gypsy Rebels, led by Micheal T. Butch, are a Toronto-based Gypsy band with a repertoire of traditional Gypsy music mixed with elements of Reggae, Funk, R’n’B, and Soul. Acoustic guitar, upright bass, accordion, violin, and trumpet all support Micheal’s vocals in a unique blend of music. They play both traditional Roma Gypsy songs and and original songs composed by Micheal T Butch. gypsy_rebels_album.jpgTheir recent album is called “Between Worlds”.

[The Lemon Bucket Orkestra originally scheduled on this date has been invited to perform at a festival in Roumania. We’ll get them back in the fall.]

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