“A Good Ruckus”: A Yellow Field + ‘Uncle’ Dan Henshall + The Just Jams, Wed April 4

A_Yellow_Field_620x350.jpgDan_Henshall_c.jpgWednesday April 4 at 8 pm, $5. “A Good Ruckus”, folk-band showcase featuring A Yellow Field, a four-piece Indie-grass band from Waterloo, Dave Pike, Neil Kostecki, Sara Hebert, Joey Bell, playing — ukelele, banjo, mandolin, guitar, melodica, stompbox, upright bass, banjoline, autoharp, harmonica, accordion, kazoo, tambourine, floor tom, shakers and more. Adding to the “Ruckus”: ‘Uncle’ Dan Henshall (mandolin, banjo, etc) and The Nephews. Plus a guest set by a new Hamilton folk-band The Just Jams: Trevor – Vocals/Mandolin; Gordo – Guitar; Chris – Banjo; Matt – Bass Guitar; JustJams.jpgDrew – Drums; Pat – Guitar http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Just-Jams/183830498387875
A Yellow Field: “We stomp. We holler. We swear a little too. We rant about quantum physics and tell banjo jokes. We have families and friends. We laugh. We pause,… and sometimes keep going. We jam. We procrastinate. We pour our hearts into it. We are A YELLOW FIELD.”http://www.ayellowfield.com

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