Tribal Gallery presents: special concert Amchok Gompo, Tues Mar 13, 7 pm

Tribal_Gallery_logo_2012a650.jpgAmchok_Gompo_lastfm.jpgAmchok_Gompo_thestar..jpgTuesday March 13 at 7 pm, at Artword Artbar, $20 door, $15 advance from Tribal Gallery 905-385-1829. A very special opportunity to hear an intimate concert by a renowned world artist Amchok Gompo, from Tibet, playing the Tibetan six-string long-necked lute called the dramyin or damnyen. He now lives in Toronto with his family, and played for the Dalai Lama here. He is heading off on a world tour, and Gwen Duncan of Tribal Gallery has arranged a last minute visit from him to Hamilton. Hear his music at

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