CONCERT: Euphonic (cello, guitar, drums), Sunday Feb 19 at 7:30 pm

euphonic5.jpgSunday February 19 at 7:30 pm, $5 or PWYC. A special concert of original compositions by chamber trio Euphonic: Bob Wegner – acoustic guitar, Geoff Ball – cello; Vincent Waters – drums / spoons. Consisting of all acoustic instruments (cello, guitar, and drums), the band has created an eclectic sound of their own, which includes Classical, Spanish, Folk, and Jazz influences.

Bob first met Geoff, a local cellist from McMaster University, while performing at the Staircase Cafe in Hamilton. Vince and Geoff were later introduced via Bob, and a few tunes were written as a trio with Geoff playing electric bass at first. As an experimental move, the suggestion was made for Geoff to bring his cello to a writing session. While the music began to change, the band decided to change their name as well, to Euphonic. The first full song with the cello/guitar instrumentation was written by Bob and Geoff, roughly between the hours of 3 and 6 am on a Wednesday night after playing an open mic at the infamous Pepper Jack Cafe. As more songs were written, the bass guitar was slowly phased out in favor of the cello.

The trio, now with 12 songs in their repertoire, has played many shows at the Pepper Jack Cafe and the Sky Dragon Community Center, and has also provided background music for two Revolution Wear fashion shows, as well as the annual Gandhi Peace Festival, among other local events.

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