Art Crawl: Trio Arjento + “Behind the Kiln”, Friday Feb 10

TrioArjento_JBusatophoto.jpgSeptember Kiln017smc.jpgFriday, February 10, 2012, from 8 pm onwards… (James North Art Crawl). Music, dance, video, and all of the above. Opening guest set: Rob Willett, guitar and voice. Second set, “Behind the Kiln” part one, dance and music improvised before your eyes, featuring Tanis MacArthur, with the improvising orchestra (Trio Arjento plus friends). Third set, a more formal concert set by Trio Arjento , Jennifer Lockman piano, Tom Shea guitar, Orange McFarland stand-up bass, (minus Marcy Hull who is not able to join in). Last set, “Behind the Kiln” part two, more real-time collaborations and live video-mix by Judith Sandiford, with guest musicians (including Angela Macaroni on flute) and dancer/movers including Jenny Rae on a visit from Thailand

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