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Concert: “Heavy Pedal” piano, song, spectacle, Sat Oct 15

September 12th, 2011

Marie_Avery_heavypedal_c.jpgMarie_Avery_heavypedal_tix.jpgSaturday October 15 at 8 pm. Heavy Pedal, an evening of piano, song and spectacle — a cabaret night of local female piano-playing singer-songwriters, showcasing original piano-based music, on Artword Artbar’s baby grand. Hosted by Marie Avery, and featuring Kori Pop, Deanna Wells (of Ophelia Syndrome), Sara Whynot (from Kitchener), and Annie Shaw. Each artist will highlight her own unique style of writing and piano-playing. Cover $10 advance through the performers, $15 at the door.
Here is host Marie Avery’s statement about her concept for the evening:
“HEAVY PEDAL: an evening of piano, song, and spectacle.
Heavy Pedal is neither a singer-songwriter show, nor piano recital. It isn’t ‘live music tonight’ at the bar, nor is this a night at the orchestra. It is a home for the writers and performers of original compositions that press the bounds of genera. It is a showcase of technical proficiency not always appreciated in ‘indie rock’, and creativity too wild to be welcome in conservatory halls.

Too often I have discovered such singular performers, like buried treasure, on a bill with other acts who do not compare at all in style, or who’s songs do not come close in sophistication, or who’s performances are in no way as nuanced, or as emotionally charged.

They are misfits in noisy bars, on keyboards that never get turned up loud enough, while patrons call out for rock covers. They are misfits in afternoon coffee house corners, suffering evil looks from latte-sipping soccer moms as their music doesn’t chill-out into the back ground, but brazenly demands emotional response.

Heavy Pedal is an evening, where each and every song is good enough to be savoured. Each performance is its own creation in time. Each performer can breath and expand into their own world without fear of being out-of-place, because that is why we are here, to experience whatever they decide to share, to hear what it is they have to say.

And we are all ears.
– Marie Avery “

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