Concert: Dave Clark & The Woodshed Orchestra, Fri Oct 7

Matthew_deZoete_oct7_2011_woodshed11x17_650.jpgthe-woodshed-orchestra-1c.jpgFriday October 7 at 8 pm, $10. The Woodshed Orchestra presents “Love & Affection”, an evening of soulful, joyous and celebratory musical times by one of Canada’s premier live pop orchestras. Plus a special guest set by the wonderful singer-songwriter Matthew de Zoete.
The Woodshed Orchestra is headed up by drummer Dave Clark (Gord Downie, Charles Spearin, Rheostatics) and features Michael Herring, Joe Lapinski, Julia Hambleton, Nic Buligan, and Karen Ng. The band is fresh off of their Canadian summer dates headlining at the Hillside Festival in Guelph and Sappyfest in Sackville.  “Dave Clark and the Woodshed Orchestra have this amazing ability to make real life sound like the best musical in the world. I can’t name another group of people who sound so joyous together, get to some essential truths about living, and dance their pants off doing it. Love them. They’re my favourite parade.” – Vish Khanna – CBC Radio3 – Exclaim Magazine – Guelph

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