Pulp Fiction Night, Tuesday Sept 27

Tuesday September 27 at 7:30 pm, free. Crime Writers of Canada authors gather for a night celebrating one of our guilty pleasures – Pulp Fiction in several sub-genres: Mystery, Fantasy, Western and Romance. Oh my!  Authors reading: Catherine Astolfo, Janet Bolin, Alison Bruce, Melodie Campbell, Gloria Ferris, Ian Hamilton.  http://www.crimewriterscanada.com/  Catherine Astolfo’s short stories and poems have been published in a number of small Canadian presses. Her novel series, the Emily Taylor Mysteries, has received wide acclaim, including a Brampton Arts Award. Janet Bolin writes the Threadville Mystery series for PenguinUSA. Her humourous tales have also been heard on CBC radio. Alison Bruce has a degree in history and philosophy, which has nothing to do with any regular job she`s held since. Author, copywriter, editor and graphic designer, she also manages publications for CWC. Melodie Campbell has been a banker, marketing director, college instructor, comedy writer and possibly the worst runway model ever. She has over 200 publications and has won five awards for fiction. Melodie is the General Manager of CWC. Gloria Ferris, a former document specialist and technical editor and writer, now writes paranormal and humorous mysteries. Her first novel, Cheat the Hangman, was published last month by Imajin Books. Ian Hamilton is the author of the Ava Lee series, published in Canada by House of Anansi Press, and soon worldwide in 15 other countries. He was formerly a journalist, senior bureaucrat, diplomat and international businessman.

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