Behind the Kiln #10, “Last Fling of Summer” Thurs Sept 1

BehindtheKiln_Frolic_0163_650.jpgThursday Sept 1, 8 pm, pwyc. Last minute craziness — Behind the Kiln #10. Last fling of summer. Our wildly unpredictable multi-media collaborations between dancers, musicians and a video-jammer, making it all up on the spot. We’re filling a gap the only way we know how — having fun and making magic. Come and join us. Coordinated by dancer-choreographer Tanis MacArthur. Participants so far: movers- Liz Bates, Carissa Bowerman and sister, Tanis Macarthur (maybes from Rose Gowling, Victoria Slager); sounders- Jennifer Lockman, Ron Weihs, Tom Shea; visuals- Judith Sandiford

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