Jury Jam-Cram, music, jazz & more, Sat Aug 27

Jury_Jam.jpgSaturday August 27 at 8 pm, pwyc. It’s a “Jury Jam-Cram” organized by Mohawk student jazz vocalists Ally Jedrzejek and Ruthie Pytka-Jones. What’s a Jury Jam-Cram? If you are a Mohawk music student, you’ll know what that means**. The rest of us can just enjoy some music and some fun with some very talented people. Support from Aaron Zukewich on piano (and saxophones) and Scott Karstoff on drums.
**Mohawk Music Jams, “The Great Mohawk Songbook”: Each year, the Mohawk Jazz Music students prepare for their “Juries”, a key list of jazz standards assigned by the faculty for their variety, form and importance to the world of jazz. This year, the Mohawk Music students present to the public for the first time this varied list of ‘jury tunes’ in the improvisational open-jam environment from which these tunes were born and grew to be the standards they are today.

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