Behind the Kiln #7, multi-media performance, Thur May 12

BtKapr7_a_cr600.jpgThursday May 12 at 8 pm, pwyc. Behind the Kiln #7, thrilling and unpredictable  evenings of real-time collaborations between dancers, musicians and visual artists. Participants this time: Sounds-Tom Shea, Jennifer Lockman, Orange Macfarland, JonGordon Odegaard, Ron Weihs; Moves-Grace Loney, Jenny Rae, Liz Bates, Rose Gowling, Victoria Slager, Tanis MacArthur and a ‘maybe’ from our juggler, Lacey Cameron; Visuals: Judith Sandiford. Theme “EchOes”. [Image Tanis and Victoria from April’s evening.]
What is “Behind the Kiln”?

“Behind the Kiln” is  a regular evening of dance, music and visual improvised collaborations at Artword Artbar. The idea is to pair up at least one dancer with at least one musician, and see what happens. Why does Tanis call it “Behind the Kiln”? — because if you leave wood to dry behind the kiln, it warps into all kinds of strange unpredictable shapes.

As Tanis puts it, “This event is all about the interaction between artists. It’s not about blowing the audience away with high kicks and spins and intricate choreography. It’s more about small delights. Subtle but powerful communication. and, of course, play. Experiential rather than sensationalistic.”

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