“Behind The Kiln #3” Dance, music, visual collaborations Nov 25 9:30

Eugene_Jul2410_c.jpgAnne_Tanis_Jul2410_c.jpgThursday November 25 at 9:30, “Behind the Kiln” #3, an evening of real-time collaborations between dancers, musicians and artists. (Photos by D.Delgado July24 session.) Collaborators so far include dancers Tanis MacArthur,  Anne Milne,  musicians Orange McFarland (standup bass), Jennifer Lockman (piano), Tom Shea (guitar), Ron Weihs (fiddle), with projections by Judith Sandiford on real-time video-mix. Solos, duos, trios and all of the above. (Eugene Martynec  on laptops pictured above can’t make it this time). Why is the evening called €œBehind the Kiln€? ­ Tanis explains: “If you leave wood to dry behind the kiln, it warps into all kinds of strange unpredictable shapes.”

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