Concert: Kori Pop, w. Hobson’s Choice, Sat July 17

Kori_Pop_from_the_outskirts_cover.jpgSaturday July 17 at 8 pm, at Artword Artbar, $10. Kori Pop is back at Artword, with her new cd and guests Hobson’s Choice . Kori has been working for the past while on her new CD €œFrom the Outskirts€.

hobsons_choice.jpgHobson’s Choice is a Toronto-based band: Michael Davidson- vibraphone and marimba, Rebecca Hennessy- trumpet and voice, Felicity Williams- voice and guitar, Harley Card- guitar and voice). Their music falls somewhere between alt-folk and chamber-jazz. [PS from Artword Artbar: Hobson’s Choice gave a beautiful concert. They are wonderfully gifted and innovative, with their own blend of jazz-based songwriting. We hope to have them back to Artword Artbar this fall. And Kori too, of course.] More on Hobson’s Choice: Using the idiosyncratic line-up of vibraphone, trumpet, voice and acoustic guitar, this indie-folk quartet creates songs sometimes rich in their words and melody, other times in their colour and architecture. Engaging issues as diverse as climate change, love, millenial malaise, and urban sprawl, hobsons’s choice extends the tradition of folk songwriting through the careful construction of intricate arrangements. The result is a sound that eschews the obvious and consistently surprises.

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