Tuesday Special, David Simard, Annie Shaw, & more, May 25

David_Simard_c.jpgTuesday May 25, 8 pm, $5: Singer-songwriters coincide with movie night! A smattering of the town’s nicest singer-songwriters come together to watch famous short films and play their swinging guitars! Joel Elliot!  Phil Juen!  
and! welcome from Montrealtown: David Simard ! (photo above) with Erin Lang! (click on more to see more below)
opening set from: Annie Shaw plays the blues!
come down and join in the exclaiming! blow your heart and melt your mind! 

www.myspace.com/lakeriser (special solo set!)

ERIN LANG & DAVID SIMARD do the TWO-HEADED COIN TOUR: A four-piece band (French horn, ukulele, electric guitar, mandolin and double-bass). Two separate acts within. Two “Heads”, if you will, sharing a band and a station wagon.

HEAD NUMBER ONE – DAVID SIMARD (MTL) : Avante-garde folk singer based in Montreal. David has toured across Canada twice in the past few years, released a hand-full of well-received EP’s and will be releasing his first full-leng this Fall. His name recently appeared in the Montreal Mirror Magazine’s list for Best Country/Folk Act 2009.

“David is one of my favourite artists – Gifted, brilliant, and the PFF Emerging Artist in 2007.” Candace Shaw � Artistic Director, PFF {Peterborough Folk Festival}.

HEAD NUMBER TWO – ERIN LANG (UK) : Erin spent the last 6 years playing in the UK and Europe, toured the US and Canada last summer before finally deciding to settle back in her hometown of Montreal and gathering her band ‘the Foundlings’. Her album ‘You Are Found’ was recorded over the last year in Germany with producer Mario Thaller (the Notwist, Lali Puna, Ms John Soda) and Roger O’Donnell (The Cure) was released May 11th on a label out of London England (99xoutof10).

Erin Lang & The Foundlings play songs about the depth of shadows, the secrets of hearts, sailboats across oceans and lightning struck cityscapes. Their quirky orchestral art folk sound is made up of ukulele and french horn, mandolin, upright bass, guitar and concertina. Erin’s soft vocals inspire plants to grow. It is music for cinnamon french toast lovers, music to pet the cat by, songs to fall in love to.
‘Promising Newcomer!’ – Pitchfork at POP Montreal.

BEARING GIFTS : As a memento to this particular voyage and performing line-up, the TWO-HEADED COIN TOUR has a four song EP in tow. Recorded live in an old hayloft with frequent breaks for horse-petting. It features Pat Latreille on upright bass, Mona Varichon on French Horn and a hard rain on the tin roof.

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