Big Fat Greek Jewish Music Night, Thurs June 2

Friends_ofMarkosThe_HorablesThursday June 2, 2016, at 8 pm, $15, $10 students/seniors. Big Fat Greek Jewish Music Night: The Horables and Friends of Markos bring you a night of Klezmer and Rebetiko. They will be swapping scales, musical instruments and languages. Come for the Hora and stay for the Hassapiko. The Horables play Klezmer, Django style jazz, polkas, Gypsy dance tunes, rags from the age of steam and the occasional Cajun tune just to scare the horses. The Friends of Markos play an exciting and fun mix of Greek and Aegean-area music, focusing on traditional rebetiko, a Greek style of urban folk that features catchy bouzouki leads and powerful nine-beat rhythms.

The Friends of Markos band members: Michael Kaler bouzouki and vocals, Michaelangelo Iafalldano vocals, baglama, clarinet and percussion, Rachel Melas upright bass, accordion and violin, Conny Nowe guitar, vocals and mandolin, Mark Zurawinski percussion.

The Horables band members: Rachel Melas has spent decades playing bass in various bands, and decided that she liked Klezmer music so much that she would learn a whole new instrument to play it. Conny Nowe is rhythm guitarist in Swamperella, and has been playing Klezmer and Old Time music on the mandolin for the last 15 years. Rachel Shenin, violinist, leads the Bulgars and Freylachs fearlessly, solos effortlessly on the jazz tunes and sings in Yiddish. Michael Kaler plays upright bass with The Horables, and plays bouzouki with the Friends of Markos.

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