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Art Crawl: Beg to Differ Trio, Fri Sept 13

August 7th, 2013
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Tim Ninehouse_ccFriday September 13, 2013, James North Art Crawl (and first night of Supercrawl). Music in the bar from 8 pm, tip jar: An Artword favourite, the lively high-energy Beg To Differ Trio playing blues / jazz / funk — Tim Ninehouse on keyboards, vocals; Doug Sikma on guitar; Steve Foster on drums. Unique renditions of blues, jazz and funk songs, drawing from a large musical repertoire from early blues roots to jazzified contemporary songs.

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Gallery: Alicia Giansante, Olivia Rozema and Jenn Shamo, Sept 12-22

August 6th, 2013
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Olivia_Rozema_img4Alicia_Giansante_img22Artword Gallery: Sept. 12-22, 2013. “Flux”, a group exhibition by Alicia Giansante, Olivia Rozema and Jenn Shamo, all currently completing a degree in Studio Art at McMaster University. The artists will be present during Friday Sept 13 Art Crawl and Saturday Sept 14 Supercrawl. (The Gallery is open when Artword Artbar is open.)
The exhibition includes work by each artist that emphasizes a continued flow, an essential continuance or cycle. Though they use various materials, each artist is concerned with determining the essence of their subject and making it resonate beyond its physical form.
Jenn_Shamo_img9Alicia Giansante, in a series of sculptural mixed media and found art, examines escapism and a suspended moment in time. She draws upon a never-ending stream of consciousness manifested in an iconic falling figure. Olivia Rozema is a sculpture artist who uses found items of both natural and manmade origins; manipulating their forms to reference the womb and the regenerative qualities of the natural world. She seeks to give the human body spiritual agency in the context of the Earth’s natural cycles. Jenn Shamo uses drawing mediums and collage combined three-dimensionally to explore diaristic concepts with improvisational and spontaneous processes. Her organic lines and forms defy special boundaries, recalling continuous and swelling growth.

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