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Scott Merritt, w. Jeff Bird, Sat Oct 15

September 5th, 2016
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Scott Merritt_2_headv_3cadjSaturday October 15, 2016, at 8 pm, $15. (905-912-9083)
Scott Merritt is back on tour with the second pressing of his new record Of, with Jeff Bird (Cowboy Junkies) accompanying on upright bass and other instruments.
Scott_Merritt_coverOf_2295242The record Of received Best of 2015 from both Macleans: (… he uses his ukulele and little else—a pump organ, a clarinet, sparse upright bass courtesy of Cowboy Junkie Jeff Bird—to craft evocative vignettes and melodies … powerful in their hushed intimacy and quietly insistent rhythmic pulse.) And Slate: (It is a small, exquisite record played with glittering precision mostly on a tenor ukulele… The sound is ideal for these elusive, imagistic songs about memory and mortality. If you seek it out, it will take hold of you.)   Read more…

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