He sees her approaching exquisite
in a thousand fascinating details
tiny jewels sparkling in her hair
her shawl draped in such a way
that her lean and sculpted shoulders
and her gleaming white back
are revealed to the gaze
of everyone and the fabric
folded such that it reveals 
all the up way to the elbow 
her snowy milk-white arm
and her hand with tapered fingers
surrounding the soft palm
while meanwhile her lips curve
ever so slightly in what is almost
a smile though her half-closed eyes
are as sad as they were 
minutes ago when he first 
caught her eye and lifted
the corners of his mouth 
and raised his eyebrows
slightly but now she is
pulling on her right glove 
covering her pallid hand 
extending her fingers slowly
drawing her right glove
up towards the elbow
which however can still 
be seen until she adjusts
her shawl and then it too
is covered but she sees
in the quick flicker 
of an eyelid and the droop
of his upper lip
his disappointment
and takes pity on him
leaving her left arm
bare to the elbow
lifting her head 
to meet his eyes
with a look that 
they might
pay their respects 
take their leave
climb in his carriage
and head off 
while the episode discretely