There's a dead woman
lying crumpled and in the way
people can't go past
they have to stop and gawp
and now there's sirens
and cars squealing around corners
and the polizia arrive
rush over and stop
look at each other
another woman crumpled
and still no answer
or rather wrong answers
firmly held by wrong people
but dottoressa knows
there's no answer yet
and she goes home and cooks
and helps with the homework
and then she's in bed
and the telephone squeals
so she untangles her husband
and she's driving and staring
at the slippery roadway
while the tergicristalli
slap and slap
and then she's staring down
at another crumpled woman
and then piano piano
she raises her head
looks straight ahead
and out there where
no one but she can see it
is the answer.