November 11, 8:00 p.m., 1994

Journals and Other Personal Narratives: readings by Vancouver's Renee Rodin and Toronto's jwcurry.

Renee rodin will be reading reality-based personal narratives. Renee is the former owner of the bookstore R2B2 Books in Vancouver, where she continues to run the reading series she began eight years ago. As well as single-parenting three childred (now grown), she is a writer, visual artist and cultural worker. He pieces in "Fear of Others - Art Against Racism" were selected to be part of the show which subsequently toured North America. She is currently working on a manuscript of prose-poetry "We Are Cultivating Tolerance."

jwcurry is a well-known figure in Toronto's alternative writing scene. He has read in Vancouver at the reading series organized by Renee Rodin at R2B2 Books.

Terror and Erebus tells of the famous Franklin expedition of 1846 that has captured the imagination of Canadians everywhere. Originally a radio play, and Gwendolyn's personal favourite poem, this piece weaves a commentary on the power of nature, writing and the imagination through the voice of the later explorer Rasmussen. Haunting and provocative, this text conjures images of the blinding light and expanse of snow that is the North.

William Beauvais: From the outset of his career, William Beauvais has brought sparkle and warmth to his readings of Canadian music. He records regularly and his projects have appeared on Centaur Records, Musica Viva and most recently a record, Bridges, with Brian Katz, on his own label, Winter Longing Records.

Carolyn Guillet: Carolyn Guillet has performed in numerous Toronto theatres specializing in classical roles such as Clytemnestra in The Greeks, Lady MacBeth in Shakespearean Characters, and new works such as Cinderella in Bedtime Stories and Joan of Arc in The Trials. Her creative pursuits encompass writing, direction, music and movement.

Julian Knight: Julian Knight is a freelance violist, playing in a variety of venues and ensembles in and around Toronto. His interest in improvised music arose during younger associations with jazz.

Eugene Martynec produced Bruce Cockburn's first 12 albums, as well as albums for Edward Bear, Murray McLaughlan, Doug & the Slugs, among others. He currently performs experimental electronic music, and is exploring the use of a computer and mouse as musical instrument.