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Toronto Duets: a cd by Eugene Martynec
Eugene Martynec
Midi-Ax / soft instruments

1 * Hart House Hipster (Rob Clutton String Bass) Clutton/Martynec 5:59

2 * Freddie’s Philosopher Stone (Nilan Perera Prepared Electric Guitar) Perera/Martynec 5:01

3 * Sometimes I Feel Like I’m Just Talking To Myself (Christine Duncan Voice) Duncan/Martynec 6:30

4 No T.S.O. (Kye Marshall Electric Cello) Marshall/Martynec 7:09

5 * Der Surkrutschnieder Mazurka (Tomasz Krakowiak Feedback/Percussion) Krakowiak/Martynec 5:54

6 Mutual Meets Gould (Geordie Haley Electric Guitar) Haley/Martynec 3:43

7 * North End Encounter (Glen Hall Saxophone) Hall/Martynec 4:26

8 Mr. And Mrs. Sauga (Henry Kucharzyk Theremin/Electronics) Kucharzyk/Martynec 6:51

9 In The Main Space (Marilyn Lerner Prepared Piano/Piano) Lerner/Martynec 6:57

10 Duet for Two Anthems (Composed montage) Eugene Martynec 10:01

The authors of the comprovisations are the performers of the pieces.

*These musical pieces use the sounds of the instrumentalist in a duet with themselves. The previously recorded sounds are mapped to a soft sampler, orchestrated and then performed live using Midi-ax, Emile Tobenfeld’s software that uses the computer mouse buttons and the cursor as an interactive real-time instrument. Originally written for the Atari computer, it runs in Steem, an Atari emulator for the PC.

Recorded and produced through May and June 2004 at automata sonique in Toronto by Eugene Martynec, except for "In The Main Space" which was recorded by Marilyn Lerner at Artword Theatre.

Special thanks to The Canada Council for the Arts - Music Section, Ron Weihs and Judith Sandiford at Artword Theatre for giving the improve community a space to perform over a four year period, Tomasz Krakowiak, Bo Green, Vida Juozaitis, Johann, Ludwig, Healey and all the musician/composers for their wonderful musicianship.