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Artword Theatre
Sundays at 8 pm, $5 at the door

Eugene’s Sunday Series
Improvised new music:
A (sometime) weekly exploration in new music, new collaborations, new media organized and hosted by Eugene Martynec, now in its third season (2002-2003)

October 20, 2002: Live Analog Sound Morphing
Dynamic duo phh!k: Contemporary Canadian composers Henry Kucharzyk (keyboard/theremin) and Peter Hannan (wind synth/Buchla lightning) perform improvised electroacoustic music.
Quincunx: visiting German contem-porary accordionist Ute Volker joins Tomasz Krakowiak (percussion), Eugene Martynec (computer generated sound), William Davison (prepared guitar and found sounds), Paul Dutton (sound singing). A high five of sonic explorations.

October 27, 2002: Improvised Dance and Music on Japanese Instruments
Meiko Ando
(dance), Gerry McGoldrick (shamisen), Greg Hopen (shakuhachi), Nick Deeson (percussion) Neil Gardner(spoken word). Traditional Japanese instruments played in a non-traditional fashion.
I Don’t Know Duo: Rob Clutton (acoustic bass), Eugene Martynec (computer generated/manipulated sound).
November 3, 2002: Trios Plus
Ken Aldcroft Trio +1
: Ken Aldcroft (guitar), Evan Shaw (saxophones), Gordon Allen (trumpet), Joe Sorbara (drums). Intelligent, hot and highly charged.
Starlings Vocal Ensemble: improvis-ing singers Randi Helmers, Robin White and Rod Campbell and guests sing, paint and act with sonic assistance from members of the Artworchestra.
November 10, 2002: Stringy Stuff Theory
: Oceans of beautiful sawtooth waves with sine colorations enveloped in emotional content. Executed by Glen Hall (winds), Rebecca van der Post (violin), Kye Marshall (cello), Michael Morse (bass viol).
Strung: Vinyl distrukto turntablist Mike Hansen resurfaces those grooves with spinning abandon with Arnd Jurgensen (guitar), Tomasz Krakowiak (percussion), Kye Marshall (cello), Jason Hammer (bass), Guy Lablanc (trombone), Rev. Wm. Davison (guitar).
November 17, 2002: Dos Duo Dva Deux
Two intimate duets: sound-eyecontact-movement:
Kye Marshall (cello) and Tom Baker (piano)
Victor Bateman (bass/harmonica), Yvonne Ng (dance).
November 24, 2002: Artworchestra
Toronto’s largest improvising ensemble featuring music, dance, spoken word, singing and other such things by some of Toronto’s best improvisers. We even have a conductor or two.
January 26, 2003
: Special concert and CD release by the Rob Clutton Band - Featuring music from the new CD written by Rob Clutton and guitarist Tim Posgate. Joining the band will be singer Randi Helmers and story teller Helen Porter plus a world premier of Tim Posgate's Contemporary Jazz Suite "This is Not a Parade". Celebrate the release of the new CD "Holstein Dream Pageant", produced by Juno award winning producer Eugene Martynec. The Rob Clutton Band are Lina Allemano-trumpet, Eugene Martynec-computer music, Anthony Michelli-drums,Tim Posgate-guitar, Rob Clutton-double bass and Chiyoko Szlavnics-saxophone (on the CD but not playing the concert).
The Rob Clutton Band performed in the Contemporary Art Gallery at Place des Artes during the Montreal Jazz Festival this past summer. The music of Rob Clutton is more exploratory than the typical jazz repertoire but still accessible to music lovers. The band consists of some of the best young and ground breaking jazz musicians in Canada today.

February 16, 2003: Composed and improvised new music by Mirobolus String Trio featuring Bogdan Djukic – violin Monica Fedrigo – cello Bret Higgins - double bass. Mirobolus plays their own eclectic music, transforming jazz, modern chamber music, free improv, tangos and folk music into an electrifying acoustic experience.
Runcible Spoon is an innovative quartet, combining the sonorous sound of strings with the contrast of clarinet and piano. While based in the jazz tradition, this dynamic quintet also draws from klezmer, folk and gypsy-influenced music. The quartet features Pam Bettger (viola), Monica Fedrigo (cello) Tania Gill (piano), Julia Hambleton (clarinet).
February 23, 2003: Sirloin Jason – a butcher’s farewell to bassist Jason Hammer, with his two large ensembles Big Band Massacre and Ear-Cam. Hear some of Toronto’s best improvised music.
Big Band Massacre features Glen Hall -winds, Evan Shaw -sax, Geordie Hayley -guitar, Eugene Martynec -computer assisted stuff, Colin Fisher -shark guitar and sax, Joe Sorbara -drums, Jean Martin -drums/percussion.
Ear-Cam features Glen Hall- reeds, Christine Duncan –the real diva, Jason Hammer – bass, John Oswald –saxophone, Nabuo Kubota – vox, Tomasz Krakowiak – bass drum head /accessories
March 2, 2003: O Solo Mio 2: Two solo performances of new composed and improvised music by trumpeter Gordon Allen and computer musician Eugene Martynec. Both musicians have been working on new solo pieces and will present these explorations in the intimate setting of Artword Theatre.
March 9, 16 and 23: no concerts (March Break, etc)
March 30, 2003: Marilyn Lerner, one of Canada's leading practitioners of contemporary improvised music performs solo piano works.
On the same evening Quartetto Faggioli, the pride of little Italy, conjure up organic sonics. Featuring Tomasz Krakowiak - percussion, Kye Marshall - cello, Eugene Martynec - laptop twins and Geordie Haley - guitar.
April 6, 2003: The Tim Posgate Horn Band features Lina Allemano on trumpet, Quinsin Nachoff on tenor sax, flute and clarinet and Tim Posgate on guitar and banjo. This performance will include new compositions featuring a guest tuba player.
The eclectic music ensemble Runcible Spoon performs the Toronto premiere of a new suite featuring the poetry of Peter McPhee and Helen Tsiriotakis. The Runcibles: Monica Fedrigo on cello, pianist Tania Gill, Pam Bettger on viola, Julia Hambleton on clarinet and singer Leah State.
April 13, 2003: CANCELLED: Dynamic Duo: Cellist Kye Marshall and pianist Tom Baker perform their very intimate and sometimes bombastic improvisations that intrigue the inner ear. Piano/synthesis wizard Bill Gilliam will perform some of his latest explorations of improvised musical form, texture and content.

April 27, 2003: Two improvising ensembles- no waiting !
Paul Newman Quartet featuring Dave Fish, drums, Akiyo Hattori, clarinet, Michael Herring, bass Paul Newman, tenor saxophone
Geordie Haley Quintet featuring Christine Duncan, voice, Paul Donat, bass Evan Shaw, alto sax, Eugene Martynec, laptops Jean Martin, drums/perc.