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Eugene’s Sunday Series

A weekly exploration in new music, new collaborations, new media
organized and hosted by Eugene Martynec
2001-2002 season
Sundays at 8 pm, $5 at the door

Artword Theatre, 75 Portland Street, Toronto ON Canada 416-408-1146

October 21, 2001: Roll Over Vivaldi - Winter and Summer
October 28, 2001: Roll Over Vivaldi - Fall and Spring
Two improvised dance/music collaborations celebrating the seasons, by six dancers and eight composer/ musicians (though not all on each night).
The Dancers: Michael DuMaresq, Yvonne Ng, Leanne Dixon, Susanna Hood, Heidi Strauss, Darryl Tracy.
The Musicians: turntable-ist Mike Hansen, cellist Kye Marshall, guitarist Art Jurgensen, bassist Rob Clutton, vocalist Randi Helmers, percussion Tomasz Krakowiak, woodwinds Glen Hall, computer Eugene Martynec.

November 4, 2001: 3 times 2
Two unusual trios: String bassists Michael Morse, Jason Hammer and Rob Clutton reunite for an assault on preconceived notions of string bass sonic literature.
Voc alist Christine Duncan, sound singer Paul Dutton and electronic vocalist Rod Campbell, three seasoned and adventurous vocalists explore the universe of sounds from the human voice.
November 11, 2001: O Solo Mio
Solo prepared and electronically modified contemporary electric guitar performed by Nilan Perera, one of Toronto's specialists in new guitar.
Eugene Martynec performs live interactive improvised computer music using Midiax, a program that allows improvisation with a computer mouse on preorchestrated soundscapes, varying from the highly abstract to the familiar.
November 18, 2001: But is it Jazz?
Two highly charged ensembles stretch, bend and reinvent the jazz paradigm.
Bob Brough Trio: Barry Romberg on drums, Chris Jennings on bass and Bob Brough on saxophone. These highly skilled musicians will rattle the foundations of tradition.
Musique je ne sais quoi, a new genre spearheaded by this group: Glen Hall on saxophone, Michael Morse on bass and The Rust Bros (Terence Dick and Ron Cole) on turntables.
November 25, 2001: An Evening of Vocal Works by Nobuo Kabota
Nobuo Kabota, a Toronto-based artist/ musician/performer presents vocal improvisations, compositions and video. One of the original members of the famed Artist's Jazz Band and the Dynamic Improvising Orchestra the CCMC, Kubota has performed in some Europe's most prestigious sound poetry festivals.
Guest artist Mark Sutherland joins Kubota in a vocal duet.
February 10, 2002: This Moment
Rob Clutton on bass and vocals, Nick Fraser on drums, percussion and vocals, Ronda Rindone on clarinet, bass clarinet and vocals.
Also Tomasz Krakowiak on percussion and computer musician Eugene Martynec perform live music to Michael Davey's video "Floater/Great Lake".
February 17, 2002: Improvised Dance and Music
Dancers Yvonne Ng, Michael Du Maresq and others join musicians Glen Hall on winds, Rod Campbell on voice/electronics, Tomasz Krakowiak on percussion, Arnd Jurgensen on electric guitar, Eugene Martynec on computer/synthesizer, Rob Clutton on bass, William Davison on guitar and invented instruments for an evening of contemporary dance and music improvisations.
February 24, 2002: Master Improvisers
Lori Freedman on clarinet and bass clarinet, Danielle Palardy Roger on percussion and Marilyn Lerner on piano make up a passionate trio of virtuoso instrumentalists and composers.
Also the duo of master improvisers: Victor Bateman on bass and Tanya Kalmanovich on viola.
March 3, 2002: CCMC and Friends
Michael Snow on piano and synthesizer, John Oswald on saxophone and Paul Dutton on "I didn't know the voice was capable of that" are probably the longest functioning improvising ensembles in this universe. The Canadian Contemporary Music Ensemble rides again. Hi Ho Silver.
No concerts March 10, 17 (March Break) and 31 (Easter)
March 24, 2002: Sonora
Michael Morse on bass, Kye Marshall on cello, Glenn Hall on woodwinds and Rebecca van der Post on violin
Bob Brough Trio: Bob Brough on saxophone, as well as a bass player and percussionist.
April 7, 2002: REDSHIFT and Gennaro
Duo- Glen Hall's large ensemble Redshift, the powerful sonic speeding locomotive, returns to Artword. Also percussionist Mike Gennaro is joined with Myk Freedman for some improvised musical rants.
April 14, 2002: The Portland Street Starlings Vocal Ensemble
Debut of this improvising vocal ensemble: Christine Duncan, Rod Campbell, Rita Karasicjus, David Wall, Randi Helmers, Robin White, and Anne Bourne. They will be accompanied by percussionist Tomasz Krakowiak and computer musician Eugene Martynec.
April 21, 2002: The Artwordchestra and The Portland Street Hoofers Association
Improvised music and dance featuring a large chamber ensemble of some of Toronto's best improvising musicians and dancers.