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November 14 to December 10, 2000
A new romantic comedy with a twist of lemon
Directed by Sarah Armstrong
Produced by Artword Theatre

Sam and Miranda - two young people try to get to know each other.
"I've seen you naked. You have to tell me everything."
Love on a rollercoaster. Truth or consequences.

Leah Davidson as Miranda,
Christopher Morris as Sam

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Tuesday to Saturday at 8 pm, Sunday at 2:30 pm Tickets: tbd
Artword Theatre, 75 Portland Street, Toronto (one block east of Bathurst, south of King)
Box Office: 416-408-ARTD (416-408-2783)

Salmon Miranda: Artword Theatre transforms a fringe hit into a full-length romantic comedy

A one-act romantic comedy about two young people trying to get together, Salmon Miranda was the surprise hit of the 1999 Toronto Fringe. Now, in its complete form, with a second act, it is being given a full production at Artword Theatre, November 14 to December 10, 2000.
Salmon Miranda (sounds like a fancy recipe) is about Sam and Miranda, who wake up together after a crazy night of debauchery and set about trying to build a relationship. Miranda is a quiet bookworm who doesn't ever do that sort of thing (except once), while Sam lives on a wild emotional rollercoaster. The play is about how they search for ways to balance each other emotionally, as mad passion evolves into love.
The funny and perceptive script is the work of Leah Davidson, a young playwright only a couple of years out of the Drama program at York University, whose skillful dialogue and psychological understanding are far beyond her years. She has had an artistic partnership with director Sarah Armstrong since the two of them attended the Etobicoke School of the Arts, graduating in 1991. (This school, which has turned out many arts professionals, is slated for closing as part of the current educational reforms.)
The two friends attended York together, formed Wild Hand Theatre, and produced Salmon Miranda at the Fringe in 1999, in the sweltering heat of the St. George's auditorium. Leah Davidson acted the role of Miranda and Ravi Steve Khajuria played Sam.
Ronald Weihs, Artword's artistic director, saw that production and introduced himself to Leah. He told her that she had written a perfect first act, with a strong curtain, but that the play couldn't possibly stop there. The issues had been raised and the characters set in motion; now we needed to know how - and whether - things work out. Leah responded to the challenge, and the result will be revealed at Artword in November.
The Artword production, directed by Sarah Armstrong, will see Leah again in the role of Miranda, but this time Sam is played by Christopher Morris.

For more information call Josée Duranleau, Duranleau Publicity at 416-652-7672.