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March 15-17, 2001 at 8:30 pm. Tickets are $15, s/s $12. Call 416-899-5710 to reserve.

The time has come...

Brilliant and prolific dancer/choreographer and co-founder of Damn Straight Eryn Dace Trudell surfaces briefly for a three-day inspirited engagement with singer/songwriter and piano player extraordinaire Boo Watson, March 15-17 at Artword Theatre (75 Portland St., south of King, between Bathurst and Spadina). This long-awaited shared bill promises to be a mesmerizing and magical celebration of charm and chops. Eryn will perform Slinky Listening to WallListening Piece #1 (duet with grand piano) and Listening Piece #2 (solo with aluminum pipes). Boo will play. With and without Eryn. Together they set the score for theophany, performing improvisations in dance and music. Shows are at 8:30 pm. Tickets are $15, s/s $12. Call 416-899-5710 to reserve. Funds raised by this event will support Eryn’s next choreographic vision: Heliotrope.
The baby grand piano of Artword is the enigmatic third party to this special occasion. Made accessible by Artword’s founders Judith Sandiford and Ronald Weihs. Enthusiasm for this show came, when Eryn was preparing Slinky Listening to Wall for its premiere at The Sound Symposium in St. John’s Newfoundland. Eryn became as engaged with the piano as Ron and Judith became engaged by her visits.
Preparing Slinky Listening to Wall, two pieces evolving from the physicality of listening, Eryn ventured into unknown territory. By doing so she rediscovered things she had forgotten. Eryn remembered, that prior to a fanatical commitment to her dancing career, she played the flute and the piano, sang and had been a person who was not afraid of making sound.
Boo Watson, of "Boo Watson and Her Fabulous Band", wrote her first song at age five and led her first high school band before she herself was a teenager. Although a published lyricist, poet, and essayist, it is in her interpretive style at the piano that one finds some of Boo’s most honest and revealing discourse. Having two teenage kids, most of a BSc in Environmental Science, a thirty year history of local and international political organizing, and the lifelong experience of growing up the daughter of broadcaster/filmmaker/author Patrick Watson, Boo has a lot to say. She has been interpreting this life through the keys ever since she first touched them. She has shared the stage with Janis Joplin’s last band, The Full Tilt Boogie Band, Blue Rodeo, Sarah Maclachlan, Charles Neville, Lorraine Segato, Lillian Allen, The Unceded Band, and many others. Her CD, co produced with Kevin Barret: OPENING MOVES features many of Toronto’s finest musicians including Jani Lauzon and Rebecca Campbell. Her current band is top-notch including guitarist Kevin Barrett, bassist Rachel Melas, drummer Howard Gaul, and vocalists The Lindo Sisters.
Raised in The Beaches, graduate of Claude Watson School for the Arts, BFA from The Juilliard School and ten years of experience choreographing, producing and dancing, Eryn Dace Trudell is an esteemed dance artist, without a trace of ballet aesthetic in her form. She is a multi-cultural vessel carved by the rhythm of the earth, questions of the air, daring of water and yearning of fire. Her dance thrives on beauty and perfection through humility and limitation. Speaking through the contemporary body to those who will lend time. An artist always on the precipice of discovery. "...With a childlike fascination for all things moving "(NOW Magazine)
Boo first witnessed the dance magic of Eryn Dace Trudell in 1995. Boo knew instantly that she would dream of an artistic collaboration with this dancer until it happened! The time has come.