December 2000 - January 2001

Disco Goalie: madcap mix of hockey and sex
Jane Miller’s wild and funny show about how she used hockey and disco to navigate her teen years is coming to Artword Theatre in January. Produced by splode (Jane’s production company) and Artword Theatre, Disco Goalie will be heating up the theatre January 11- 28 2001, Tuesday to Saturday at 8 pm and Sundays at 2:30 pm.
In Disco Goalie Jane Miller is a one-woman a capella band, whose unique vocal style delivers melody and lyrics using a technique called "vocal percussion". Jane calls it "drumming with the voice". Jane keeps the groove going as she tells the story of her evolution from a girl goalie striving to "keep them out" to a young woman ready and willing to "get it on".
Between the ages of eleven and sixteen, Jane played hockey in a girl’s house league in North York. "Goalies are like nice girls", Jane explains. "Every self-respecting goalie strives to get a shutout (i.e. maintain her virginity). But what happens when a goalie becomes an initiator, an aggressor even? Roles get confusing, priorities get altered, and scores get into the double digits."
The idea for Disco Goalie came about when Jane was rolling around on the floor during a warmup for the Theatre Centre’s production Book of Thoht. The musicians began "Play That Funky Music, White Boy", and Jane did her best Solid Gold Dancer impression. Somebody who knew that Jane had been a goaltender in her teens said, "Can you imagine doing that with goalie equipment?"
Theatre Centre’s artistic director David Duclos said, "Jane, you have to write Disco Goalie." He backed it up with an R&D grant, and the services of dramaturge Brian Quirt. "As I began writing, it became clear that this was the most resonant image I was ever going to find for my own conflicted masculine/feminine sexual identity."
Jane is well established in Toronto theatre and music scenes. She sang lead vocals and composed songs for two albums by popular indie band Wind May Do Damage. Her 1999 appearance in the cabaret production of Carole Pope songs, Shaking the Foundations, won her a Dora nomination for Best Performance in a Musical.
"In Disco Goalie, I bring my music performance and vocal percussion style together with my interest in movement-based theatre to create a work that tells a good story."
A member of the audience at the Ottawa Fringe in 1998 summed it up: "It’s about how hockey is really about sex, and how girls are really about hockey, and how disco is about everything, and how your mother is everywhere! Great show!"

Charly Returns to Artword!
Artword's most popular performer returns with two shows this season. Charly Chiarelli developed Cu'Fu?, his hilarious and touching show about growing up Sicilian in Hamilton Ontario, at the old Artword theatre. Since then, he has toured across Canada. A one-hour version of the show has been shown twice on Bravo television, and the shrink-wrapped CD is on sale in Indigo Books and other bookstores. He is on the cover of the special Italian Theatre edition of the Canadian Theatre Review. What else? Oh, yes. He was co-host on the Miss Italia in the World competition on Telelatino.

A lot of people (and not just Italians!) have been waiting for Charly's second show. It's here -- coming to Artword in April, directed by Ronald Weihs. In Mangiacake Charly comes to terms with his Canadian identity, and goes back to Italy to find his roots, only to discover how much a mangiacake he really is! (Mangiacake, for anyone who hasn't seen Cu'fu, means "cake eaters", and it's what Italians call non-Italians, when they're being nice.)

Charly Chiarelli
The new script is fantastic. Mangiacake will be every bit as wonderful as Cu'fu?. See them both!
Charly's Christmas special!
2 tickets for both Cu'fu? and Mangiacake:
(regular value 4 @$22 =$88) Thurs 8 pm, Sat 4 pm, Sun 3 pm
(regular value 4 @$27 =$108) - Fri 8 pm, Sat 8:30 pm

Pleiades Theatre brings Marivaux comedy

Last year, John Van Burek's production of the enchanting 18th century comedy The Game of Love and Chance proved to be so popular that John decided to do another Marivaux this year. The Triumph of Love is a little different from last year's offering, although it was created only two years later. It is written in a mock-heroic style that affords plenty of opportunity for humour. Part fairy tale, there is also an earthiness to the play that makes it moving.
Marivaux is sometimes described as the "Mozart of theatre". Elegant, charming, witty, his plays have an underlying toughness and brilliance that turn them into something greater than they first seem. If you've had enough of dirty realism, come on over to Marivaux.

Winter/Spring Season
January – May 2001

Four great theatre productions
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Disco Goalie by Jane Miller, directed by Brian Quirt (Jan 10 to Jan 28)
Cu'fu? written and performed by Charly Chiarelli, directed by Ronald Weihs (Feb 8 to Nov 5)
Mangiacake!, written and performed by Charly Chiarelli, directed by Ronald Weihs (Apr 5 to Apr 29) 
Triumph of Love, by Marivaux, produced by Pleiades Theatre, directed by John Van Burek (May 8 to May 27)

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