Mestiere d’arte

on handmade paper
from a $20 bill
tangled red lines
eyes faces
female shapes
trees and shrubs
down the left side
four dollar signs
at the lower right
a red seal
a red anchor 
surrounded by red rays
in pencil:
STATE 1/1 
Otis Tamasauskas

a photo taken
beside lake Ontario
below the bluffs
a fire breather
in turban
embroidered robes
brown cheeks
puffed out
the wind at his back
blowing a great surge
of yellow flame
carried away
seconds later
by the wind
but still there
in the photo
by Robert Allison

an engraver
sits at a table
before a window
peering through a loupe
while over his shoulder
a woman in a white robe
an angel with little wings
watches him work
and behind her
a horned devil
pitchfork pointing
watches also
as the work
takes shape
W.W. Bates 83

in a dumpster
is a piano
a young man
stands with hands
on the keys
playing the piano
for the last time
the photographer
taking the picture
watched him 
scramble out
and watched
a backhoe dump
a load of refuse 
over the piano
and on the verso 
of the photo:
Swan Song
Ivaan Kotulsky