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August 7th, 2017

INFO for Audience:

Capacity? 60 at cafe tables and bar stools.   All Ages? Yes, we are an all-ages venue.
Beverages? Licensed by the AGCO. Micro-brew on tap. Wines, highball cocktails, bottled beer, coolers. Also espresso, tea, juices, and light meals.
Accessible? No. Unfortunately, we are not an accessible venue. The building’s main floor is half a story above street level. Washrooms are a full flight of stairs down to the lower level.

Bass player Mike DeiCont, with Mike Rajna drums, Chris Platt guitar, Josh Smiley piano, Bradley Eaton trumpet, at Artword Artbar, Mar 6, 2015

INFO for Musicians and Performers:

* Full PA sound system: 12-channel mixer-amp with both xlr and guitar-cable inputs, plus 2 speakers, 2 monitors (Yorkville).
* Mics, etc: 5 vocal mics and 1 instrument mic, plus mic cables and guitar cables, plus one DI box
* Stands: mic stands (boom, gooseneck and straight),  4 guitar stands and 3 music stands
* Piano: Wurlitzer (c.1940s) 4-foot baby grand, tuned. Please email us in advance if you would like to play it during a show. We move it closer to the stage. It does not go up on the stage.
* Load-in? For an 8 pm show is usually about 6:30 pm. Rear door beside our parking lot.
* Parking? For musicians only, behind our building off Severn St.

Want to perform at Artword Artbar?
We are a concert venue, with a cafe-bar listening-room atmosphere. If you have a high quality show in mind, and know who your audience for it will be, please send us an email: Artword Theatre <>
Describe your plan. Send links to websites so we can get an idea of your performance skills.
We like a concert-style format, usually with an 8 pm start, an intermission, and winding down by 11 pm.

Other resources:
We have a short-throw projector (image ratio 16:9 ). Its image fills our upstage white wall, which is usually covered by a black scrim curtain. Please email us a special request in advance to find out if you can use it:

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