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Concert: Modern Field Recordings, May 22

April 12th, 2010
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Modern_Field_Recorings_0096c.jpgSaturday May 22 at 8 pm. A wonderful band from Guelph: Modern Field Recordings — Christopher (singer, guitar), Bob (double bass), Taylor (guitar),  Jes (singer, keys), Jen (bassoon). Here’s their story: “Started at the beginning of 2009, Modern_field_recordings_c.jpgModern Field Recordings was a way to validate the many break ups had and love letters written. a chance for the three of us to be honest with those around us and maybe help people that might be going through the same thing. noble? perhaps. emotional? a little. it was never our intent to wear our hearts on our sleeves that’s just where we happened to find them.” (Kori Pop recommended them to us, and we love her musical taste, so come out and here them!)

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