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street event, youme gallery, Aug 5

August 2nd, 2009
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Bryce Kanbara, of youme gallery, is organizating a street event August 5  in front of the galleries along James Street North. Here is his note:
“I€™d like your permission to make chalk outlines of people on the sidewalks around your storefronts on Wednesday evening, Aug 5. The €œshadow paintings€ will commemorate the anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima Aug 6 and Nagasaki Aug 9. Everyone is welcome. The more people we have (chalkers and persons to lie on the ground) the faster we€™ll get done. We€™ll try to start around 5:30/6 pm.”

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James North Arts Crawl, August 14

July 28th, 2009
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On the second Friday of each month, the galleries, boutiques and art shops are open from 7 to 10 pm for the famous “James North Arts Crawl“. 

We’re looking forward to being part of it.

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